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Society shall mean the "Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry" and also can be referred briefly as “IAPHD”. Member shall be an inclusive term embracing members, associate members, student members, honorary members, affiliate members, charter members and life members.

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry is defined as age defined specialty which renders total oral health care to children from birth through adolescence. (Until 18 years of age)

President's Message

It is with great zeal that I write my first message to you as the President of IAPHD. I want to begin by thanking each of you for the overwhelming support and trust that you have instilled in me and for entrusting me as your President. Let us all move forward with vigour and determination to "Keep IAPHD Strong".


Prof. Dr. Dhanu Rao


The Journal of IAPHD

Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry (ISSN - 0970-4388) is the official organ of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. The journal publishes original articles and case reports pertaining to pediatric and preventive dentistry. The journal is published quarterly and is also available at www.jisppd.com



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Enhancing the discipline of
Public health dentistry in India

In the early 1990's, a small group of like-minded public health dentistry professionals shared a common dream of enhancing the discipline of Public health dentistry in India. They felt the need for providing a common platform for exchange of views and information and development of meaningful and effective preventive programs for the community. India is a developing country with multi religious, multi ethnic, multi linguistic communities where 70% of the population reside in rural areas but are being served by only 20% of the health care professionals. So there is a severe misdistribution of health care services, resources and infrastructure. Also, most of the health care facilities, including oral health, are oriented towards curative aspects than prevention or health promotion. This has resulted in a larger portion of the community, especially in the rural areas, being neglected. Hence there was an urgent need to address this problem. This need culminated in the formation of the INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH DENTISTRY ,with the aim of enhancing oral health of the Indian community through team efforts, in 1993.( Registration Number No.777/93-94). Started with only 24 members today the membership strength is 1600!


Our team works in public health departments and provides information on oral health and services to the public. 70% of India’s population is rural and needs to be aware of health in all aspects and is being served only by 20% of the healthcare officials. The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry takes up the challenge to upgrade complete health for the public with the growth and support of oral health campaigns and promotion of disease prevention. The association was started with a social agenda, to help the public understand that basic oral health directly links to overall health. Having good oral health leads to a healthy life.

Our Objectives

Making oral health an important part of our wellbeing through community efforts is the main objective of The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry. Dental health is most neglected unknowingly, though it is the most important part of human health.

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